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Orange County Animal Services is aiming to make its data both transparent and accessible. This data is a clear and objective measure of the number of animals in need in our community, as well as the shelter’s coordinated efforts to secure live release placement for them.

As an open admission shelter, the only in Orange County, Animal Services exists to help both the people and pets in this area. Reviewing the below data, please be sure to note the number of impounds, a reflection of how many homeless animals were seeking refuge. In comparison, please observe the increasing live release rates each year, a reflection of the shelter’s concerted work to find responsible, lasting placement for these animals in need.

The live release is calculated by dividing the number of live outcomes (adoptions, relocations, rescue placements, reclaims and missing) by the total number of outcomes (excluding the categories of owner requested humane euthanasia and disposals/transfers of deceased animals).

To reference how this data compares throughout the state and country, please visit Shelter Animals Count, a national database of shelter animal statistics that Orange County Animal Services contributes to.

For the sake of consistent data reporting, annual information reflects the fiscal year which is October 1 through September 30.

Yearly Shelter Statistics

To view the shelter’s year end report for fiscal year 2023, please click here.

Monthly Shelter Statistics

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