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For most people, summertime in Florida calls to mind images of beautiful, pristine beaches, long vacations, theme park trips, short cool nights, long days in the sun. The reality for us at OCAS, as well as other shelters across the country, is that summertime simply means more animals. More strays brought in. More pets surrendered.

More animals come in during the summer months than they do the rest of the year, while at the same time, adoption numbers drop. We don't know why this happens, but it does. It could be that people are traveling more, and animals are surrendered. It could be that people don't visit the shelter as often on those hot summer weekends, so animals stay longer. What we do know is that summers are hard on shelters. All our animals would love nothing more than to be in a cool and loving home during those long hot summer months.

Our newest promotion will be the Dog Days of Summer. For the months of June, July and August, adoption prices for all animals will be $25. As always, this price will include the cost of spay and neuter surgeries, initial vaccinations, and microchips. This price also includes endless kisses, snuggles on a comfy couch, long walks with a sweet, loving companion, and the fierce loyalty of a life you've saved.

We're hoping this summer, for some lucky families, will be the summer that their lives changed. The summer they opened their hearts and homes. The summer they'll look back on and tell their friends about. The summer their lives became whole. Dogs have a way of finding the people that need them, and this summer, all our dogs need you. Don't forget about them, the strays, the abandoned, the surrendered ones. They deserve their days in the sun too.

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Everyday Promotions

Orange County Animal Services offers several promotions that extend year-round. Please note that there is a limit of two per year.
  • First Responders Adopt for Free

    First Responders Adopt for Free

    As a small token of appreciation, Orange County Animal Services hopes to bring joy to local heroes by waiving the fees. First Responders are defined as police officers (federal, state or local), Sheriff’s Deputies, State Troopers, Career Firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), paramedics and 911 dispatchers. Those seeking to qualify for this promotion will need to present proof of occupation.

  • Veterans Adopt for Free

    Veterans Adopt for Free

    As a thank you to those who have served, veterans can adopt for free. Please bring your Military ID or a copy of your DD Form 214 with honorable discharge.

  • BOGO Cats!

    BOGO Cats!

    Two are better than one! Adopters are encouraged to adopt two felines for the price of one, as cats tend to do well in pairs.

  • Looking for a Full Time Exterminator?

    Looking for a Full Time Exterminator?

    Looking for a full time exterminator? Well look no further. Why not adopt one of our hard working cats to keep your property free and clear of pests? To help promote the adoption of our unsocialized felines, Orange County Animal Services will be waiving the adoption fee for any cats that will be utilized as working or barn cats. Email for more information.

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