Animal Services is here to assist.

Thank you for adopting a pet from Orange County Animal Services!

We want to be sure to set you and your new pet up for success. The most common reason adopted pets are returned is because their introductions in the home were rushed and they were not given proper time to decompress.

The first few days and weeks with a new pet can be challenging. You and your new friend are adjusting to a major life change. The key to success is to give your pet time to acclimate.

Please be sure to check out the below references for guidance on handling and caring for your new pet.

For resources specific to cat behavior, please check out The Fulfilled Feline’s handouts and webinars.

if you have just adopted from ocas we would like to take this opportunity to remind you of two key items from your signed agreement:

  • it is necessary to take your pet to a veterinarian within 72 hours of adoption for a full examination. ocas is unable to guarantee the health of any shelter pet and only performs basic triage exams. having your new pet examined by a full-service veterinary practice is essential.
  • it is necessary to keep your newly adopted pet separate from any existing pets in the household for a minimum of seven (7) days. transitioning to a new home is stressful, be sure to give your new pet ample time to adjust before introducing other animals.

if you would like to obtain a copy of your adoption agreement or any of your adopted pet’s files, please email we also invite you to reach out with any questions you may have as you welcome your new pet to your family. we are here to assist!


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