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Community Cats

A feral cat, also referred to as a community cat, is one that resides outdoors and is not friendly toward people. Feral cats typically live within a group, known as a cat colony. Some colonies have a human caretaker that ensures all are fed and well cared for.

Many community cats may have previously been owned but have been lost or abandoned and then acclimated to colony living due to necessity.

Trap Neuter Return

Community cats can reproduce quickly and may, in large quantities, become a nuisance to their surrounding area. Animal Services recommends trap-neuter-return (TNR) services to sterilize and vaccinate community cats.

Animal Services is proud to offer a TNR program to residents concerned about emerging cat populations. This program is ideal for residents who are amenable to the cats remaining on their property, but would like to have them sterilized and vaccinated.

The Animal Services TNR program is free to Orange County residents for up to five cats per household. The Animal Services enforcement team takes lead on the program and will set the trap and transport the cat(s) to and from the clinic. This program is best suited for smaller populations. Please call 3-1-1 to begin.


Animal Services has partnered with CARE Feline TNR, a local non-profit group, since the 1990’s and provides sterilization services to the group’s cat caretakers. The group is committed to its mission to reduce the population of feral and abandoned cats within Orange County through TNR efforts.


For residents looking for guidance on community cats and facing a larger colony of cats, Animal Services recommends contacting CARE Feline TNR.

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